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At 5:10am on September 17, 2009, Jeremy R Wilkinson said…
Hi Doug. As far as I know, Ian and Peter departed from Seattle on 8/9 September. I have no way of contacting them and presume they are on their way across the USA to Florida. They have flights back to the UK for end of October. Dolph Cramer may be in touch with them? I am sorry I cannot be more helpful. With good wishes for Scotts recovery (could it be a mystery virus?) and for your continued journey.
At 8:50am on August 27, 2009, Jon Griesenbeck said…
Doug we thurst for more photos and info Where are you?
At 11:26am on August 6, 2009, Jon Griesenbeck said…
Wish I was with you guys hope all is well. Look foreward to seeing you in Virginia some time. Please keep your blogs and photo's coming we are watching it closely. Don't forget Barry lives in Anchorage. Best to you, Jon
At 5:20pm on July 27, 2009, Barry W. Fowler said…
Hello again, Doug: Those Alaska photos sure look familiar!!!

At 4:25pm on July 27, 2009, Barry W. Fowler said…
Doug: It is good to hear that you are in Alaska! Please let me know when you are close to Anchorage. Also, we have some good pictures of your engine swap back in Washington.

At 6:18pm on July 22, 2009, Jim & Carol Sanford said…
Doug, Last time I was in prince Rupert the ony game in town was the holiday inn Bar.
Glad to hear you are going North. The aurora borealice should be good.
please keep us posted as to how itis going.

Hyde alaska ,just west of Stewart Canada... There is the "atlantic Pacific fish company" great Halibat.(fish and chips)
When I first drove the Alcan Hiway , I did it in a 62 VW bus. It was a dirt road. I salvaged many car parts , from abanden cars. It paid for my gas , getting back to Colorado!!!! before the pipe line.
Mile 396 Blaird hot spring is a MUST STOP!!!!!
take a bar of soap.( Right before the North west Territory boarder.)
Take your time .. The O2O went by tooo fast.
I did buy disk brakes for Carols T. wet dry forward or backward.
We are doing a 3 week tour in September. AZ Ut COLORADO NM. then Hershey , Then Elk season. then Duck hunting in Fla.
keep in touch and I may meet up with you , and buy a beer.
Of course when you are getting closer to Colorado , ,let us know and we will try and be here.
Fordually , Jim
At 12:30pm on July 21, 2009, Jim & Carol Sanford said…
Have a safe trip, Fordually, Jim and Carol
At 12:29pm on July 21, 2009, Jim & Carol Sanford said…

we would not have made it to Seattle with out your help! It was fun.
We hope you are back on the road.
I am sure Buena Vista ,Colorado is some where on your itinerary.
We will be around ...off and on. Cell 1-719-207-0764
home 719-395-2417
At 4:44pm on June 7, 2009, jon hauge said…
oh and make sure you leave me a few utica clubs after all those are my fav. beers o k love you lots jono
At 4:42pm on June 7, 2009, jon hauge said…
hi uncle doug excited I cant wait already talked with cousin russ trying to make plans for jaclyn to meet us out there
i love you see you in denver
At 12:52pm on May 23, 2009, Ryan Hauge said…
hey uncle doug i got my plane ticket and will see you on the 10th after school lets out. i put a few pics up as well. put more up soon. super excited. love ya
At 11:29pm on May 14, 2009, Jon Griesenbeck said…
Doug remailed the decals today it was my fault I transposed the zip code. Any way their on their way sorry. Jon
At 12:27pm on May 12, 2009, Jon Griesenbeck said…
Doug got the tube back in the mail for the decals. Post office says unknown adress used the one you gave me. Email to my priviate email joneuro@att.net the correct adress and I will remail. Thanks, Jon
At 12:14am on May 2, 2009, Morris and Alice Cameron said…
Douglas.: It's not too late. Just send check to me.

At 10:55am on April 24, 2009, Morris Dillow said…
Good Morning Doug, Just to let you know I did not receive a check in the mail as of today.
Morris Dillow
18 West Bluff Lane
Holiday Island, Ar
Thanks Morris
At 11:03am on April 16, 2009, Morris Dillow said…
Doug, the total for 3 shirts, 2 jackets
At 7:50am on March 13, 2009, Gary Foerster said…
Doug; I just left a meeting last night where I donated a few old club jackets to the Long Island Motor touring Club. An old friend met us there ( My wife Valerie and I ), he mentioned you in our conversation. Harold sauter, It was the first time I had seen him in more than 12 years. i was a member of the LIMTC back more than 20 years ago and was at one time the treasurer. One of my closest friends from back then until his passing was Frank Stepanek, his picture still hangs in my workshop. Frank taught me much about the model T and was often at my house helping me sort out a problem. I'm a retired Suffolk Police sergeant and had trouble making meetings after a few years because I was working nights. I sold my Tudor sedan about 7 years ago after it sat idel in a shed for 5 years. I lost interest after Frank had passed away. Then an odd thing happened, I became friends with the man who bought my model t and he shipped it to England. My wife and I visited this new friend in England after selling the car and we have gone back each year since. He has the T in his collection of cars that go back to his 1902 olds, 1904 caddy, 1910 Hupmobile, several brass T's, several bently's and early Rolls etc. He holds a car rally every year which sometimes starts in France. Then in early September each year he and his mother hold a 'Music' night at his Manor house to raise money for the local church. Ten on the last day he holds a car show in his sheep fields where more than 200 cars are displayed. last year more tha 50 model T's came to the show, most right hand drive. i look forward to meeting you on the trip. My friend from england, Larry Riches will be on the run with me with his 1923 Touring. I wonder if my old friend Frank is watching.
At 11:40am on March 11, 2009, Ron Furlong said…
Hi Doug. Yes I am looking forward to this trip. My copilot (my brother) is a G.M. man but we will get him into shape before the trip. As I just got registered for this trip since January, as some spaces became available, I am playing catch up with paper work, car checking over etc. I think I work better under pressure.
Ron Furlong
At 11:09pm on March 7, 2009, Jon Griesenbeck said…
Please pu up photo so we can see who you are. Jon

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