Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

The CT car IS alive and well! (after being pretty sick!)

You all may be wondering why you haven't heard from the CT car until now. The reason is that we, unfortunately, had a MAJOR breakdown on the first day. We set off in great confidence from White Plains and did the FDR down Manhattan's east side, passing the official starting point at City Hall, and then up the West Side Highway to the George Washington Bridge. Previously, Bob had remarked that his greatest fear on the entire trip would be that of getting a flat tire while traversing the GWB. In retrospect, that would have been preferable to that which was about to follow. We triumphantly "high fived" each other as soon as we were in NJ and entered the Palisades Parkway . No flat tire. Bob was now at ease and confident for the rest of the trip, but that was not to last for long. A short distance after a gas stop and a photo op, the car was easily cruising along when it swayed untypically several times, a sure sign that we had a flat tire. But upon stopping on the narrow shoulder, we found all tires intact! But the right rear wheel had skidded to an abrupt stop. Fortunately Bob's friends, Cris and Carol, were following in a modern car and gave us protection with their flashers. It was determined shortly that the wheel bearing had seized and would not allow the car to be driven any further, and a tow to the hotel was in order to safely perform a repair. Bob had a replacement bearing and it SHOULD be an easy fix. Not so! In its destruction, the "modern/sealed" bearing had fused itself to the axle housing and could not easily be removed. Several alternatives were considered, but with the assistance of good friends, Jon Griesenbeck and Danny Bawlek, it was decided to drive the 65 miles back to Oxford, dismantle the SAME, ENTIRE, rear axle assembly from Bob's 1922 Coupe and install it on the 1914 Touring. It took 26 minutes to remove the good axle and 1.5 hours driving time each way, and by 2:30 A.M. Monday, all was well. This was 15 minutes before a strong lightning storm drenched the area for most of the remaining night. Bob got 3 hours sleep, but we were able to set off on Day 2 like nothing had ever happened.

We arrived at New Hartford, NY around 4 P.M. covering 219 pleasurable miles. After dinner and a few touch ups on the car, we hit the hay early for a 239 mile jaunt tomorrow beginning at 7 A.M.

To those members of our home club, The CT Crankin' Yanks, Charles, Linda, Bruce, Robin, and my brother Ray and his wife Linda, and Bob's brother and wife, daughter Dottie, Jim and the kids, who drove to West Point to send us off and never got to see us, we are very sorry that didn't happen. But your thoughts and prayers for our continued safe and trouble-free trip are VERY ,VERY much appreciated. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Next stop; Hamburg, NY!

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