Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Well, it's less than two weeks away now, I'm sure more and more time is being spent on thinking about packing or already getting it done.  The cars are getting a once over and getting set for another meeting of our O2O club. I must say that so many of our best touring days have been spent with O2O and I bought my Model T 30 years ago ( it is now in England enjoying a second life in Lincolnshire at Larry's Mum's home where we visit each year in August). Valerie and I are also getting ourselves set for the trip to Tennessee.  I had a few surgeries over the winter on my back and after a difficult winter here in New York, we need this time with friend's. Hard to think that it's been a year since our last O2O adventure. Since that epic trip across America in 2009, we have attended each of the reunions and wouldn't miss them. We do plan to join the tour in 2019 to repeat that journey again, maybe a bit older by then, but as they they say ....Seize the day

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