Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Robert from England stopped by my shop Saturday to do some minor repairs king pin and tie rod.  They made it fine from Chattanooga to Roanoke, Virginia on their way up north on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Happy Ting to all but boy these guys from England sure use the car and have fun!

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Comment by Larry "The Limey" Riches on September 10, 2015 at 7:05am

Hi Jon, It was Ralph who called ( not Robert),  Ralph also saw Dennis Fleming on his way to Leesburg, I am collecting the Car again on the 4th October and will drive the Hershey on the 5th, hope to have a pass for the arena, can you tell me have any plans/discussion taken place for the reunion in 2016, we did discuss in Chattanooga but nothing heard since, will there be a meet/cookout at Steve Stapleys place on Hershey, if so when and time, I plan to drive the T to Long island after Hershey - these Limeys are crazy! Larry the Limey and Mrs Christine Limey

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