Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Will try to play catch up here, but please remember that Will's regular blogs pretty much apply to me as well because we comprise "team Connecticut"

Friday, June 26th. A long uneventful ride in intense heat brought us to Abilene, KS in the early afternoon. Our room was not ready so we killed some time visiting the Eisenhower museum and library etc. Later we connected with my brother Bill and his wife Judy. They drove up from Dallas to see the cars and have a brief visit with ME. Their effort will forever remain in my memory of this trip of a life time.

Saturday, June 27th. Early departure for Goodland, KS. The first thirty miles or so Will rode in the back so brother Bill could be my copilot. The balance of this 260 mile day was again in intense heat.

Sunday, June 28th. A beautiful ride to Fort Collins, CO. We have been running really well, but our Good friend Jon had some problems which were dealt with along the way. Higher altitudes requiring leaner mixtures fouled plugs resulting poor engine performance. Classmates from 50 years ago met us upon our arrival in Ft Collins. Thank you Mable, Jean, Tom, Dave and especially Judy.......you guys are the greatest.

Monday, June 29th. This was supposed to be our day of rest, but here we go again, this time with our good friend, Jon. Routine maintenance reveals seriously deteriorating rear axle requiring complete rebuild of rear end assembly. Here again is the failure of a brand new reproduction part. Failure of this axle appears to be systemic which is worrisome as many of our cars are using this "new and improved axle".

As as a point of interest, our group has logged 143,000 Model T miles thus far.

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