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The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

to all my model T family that we had the pleasure to experence of a life time together. to all of my family and friends that helped make this trip possible. all i can say is wow, it hasn't ended yet. we traveled up through vancover island and took a couple of ferries and have landed in the state captiol of juneau alaska. the weathe has been great, top down every day with the exception of 1 day while we were on board a ferry and it rained. our car rosileeta was tucked away dry in the car deck, we have had a great trip north to alaska and the mountains are snow covered and the temps are in the 60s at night and 70s during the day. i did have to put on a lot of cloths when we traveled up to see the glaicer. that was chillie but the temp changes back down in town. this whole trip is still a bit overwhelming, i can remember leaving NYC like it was just a few days ago. i can't believe that we have done over 4800 miles. we have met wonderful people including a couple from whitesboro ny, cherry valley ny, and reunited our friendship with jim stukey from stittville. jim was senior boseman on board the ferry and saw our car and checked the names and looked us up on board. he took us up to the bridge to get a birds eye view of alaska and watch the 2nd chief navigate the ship. it is a lot like driving a T, looking through the windshied, levers and lots of things to look listen drive by the seat of your pants. i wasn't allowed to blow the big air horn.but it it was great being up on the bridge. jim also made a contact for us here at juneau. the director of the northwest moose lodges. jim reid and his wife diane, and friends chuck and joann have taken us under their wing and treated us with an alaska hospitality that is second to none. diane has done our laundry,(i think is was a request from her) we camped in their yard also, and as jim explained to his neiborghs, my relitives from the okies. jim lined us up with the newspaper and we had a nice write up in the local paper, but we only made the second page because of some lady named sarah took the front page. we have had prime rib at the moose lodge and sunday brunch there also, crab omlets, wow the food is good. they have treated us like the rest of the model T family that we have, and last night was a fresh salmon cookout concluding with model T rides. a tram ride to the top of roberts mtn, and today a ride in a modern car to travel all the 50 miles of road here in juneau. we have been finding campgrounds with no problem. most of them very remote and sureal, and a couple with no trees and neiborghs. rob has done a great job of fielding all the very good questions that a model Ter must answer.my social skills have come a long way as i have played to be a deaf mute and rob tells people that i am his mechanic and cook. thecar is running great and has only needed gas, water and oil as needed, thanks to john and judy mcCleran. we took in a motel last night for the first time on this northern spur, as it was a damp night and the hot shower felt good. we will continue our travels north to fairbanks and look forward to a senic train ride south through ancorage and all the way to seward. we send our love to all and thank all the men and women that have searved and continue to searve and keep this wonderful country, land of the free and home of the brave. life is good, take it slow, or as john mcCleran said, "time spent driving a model T is not deducted from ones life" check out the news release at juneauempire.com we will keep everyone posted on our travels. doug and rob

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Comment by Jeremy R Wilkinson on July 29, 2009 at 8:37am
Thanks Doug. Sitting at my desk in drizzly England, I needed to hear from you, and now know I need to go to Alaska! Thanks for including all the other 54 Model 'T'ers in your travels. May you have trouble free motoring and eventful human encounters!

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