Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Model T trip FromLisbon Portugal to Lincoln England

In late May 2014, a few O2O members, Larry Riches and Gary Foerster with friend's Richard Barett, Ralph Kemp and Pete Smith left from Cascais Portugal on a 1000 mile journey in a 1914 Model T Touring car to raise money for Prostrate Cancer. The team headed North along the coast in Portugal and visited several historic places and places.  The weather was less than we had hoped for, chill mornings and light to heavy rain followed us most of the trip. Our back up vehicle had a second 1914 Model T in it as a back up but was never needed, although both were driven a few times and both into London to the Masonic hall to be cheered by the Masons who sponsored the trip. The trip took about 8 days and traveled many back roads and coast roads in Spain and we on the trip now know where the rain in Spain stays, on us ! We were welcomed by a brass band in England and at a coffee shop a visiting Model T arrived with Mr. George Gleeson who is 103 years old and worked on Model T cars in 1924, and he had plenty to say about the old days. After I look at all the pictures that I took, I will be making a book about the trip and will post where that book can be seen after it is done. This was a trip that our wives elected to stay home for but they will be with us in early June for the )20 run.  Gary Foerster

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