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The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Hi folks. I have just returned from the AGM of the Model 'T' Ford Register of Great Britain. I was very pleased to witness the Brooklands Award (a huge old silver cup) go to Peter MacAlister for his undeterred and concentrated involvement in the 020. Peter, as many of you will know, got immersed in the pure mechanics of keeping many 'T' vehicles (and owners!) going; right from day one, to the very end! As one who received hours of his very patient and skilled help, I could only applaud the loudest at the award. Harriet (my 'T') has now gone to Peter for the winter months for lots of tender loving care, and some major surgery!
I am going to post a copy of our 'T' Topics magazine to a few of the USA entrants on the 020 who asked me to give them details of our UK club, in the interest of joining. I hope that we can keep in touch, as the trip certainly touched my heart, and I know it has altered more than one persons life and all for the better.
I hope this site can remain open indefinitely for us to reminisce and to keep in touch. With very good wishes to all.

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