Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Well - we actually made it to the Holiday Inn at Issaquah, this afternoon about 4pm! We can hardly believe we are here and that we are so close to crossing the finish line on Sunday and home (on Monday). This truly has been a great adventure and one we shall never forget. Our day started a little later than usual as we did not have to leave Snoqualmie Lodge until 10am. We left the Lodge in a group with a police escort, driving down the old Sunset Highway, which was the route back in the 20's. It was a narrow, steep, winding road, paved part way and gravel the rest, through a thick forest, almost like a rain forest. Most of the eastern people in our group were in absolute awe! It was a perfect day for coming over the mountain. We had to drive a few miles on I-90 before we left the freeway at exit 38. We re-entered the I-90 for a few more miles then drove on a frontage road down to North Bend and Meadowbrook Farm for a salmonbake lunch. We were entertained by Indian music, dancing, and story telling. Channel 4 news reporters interviewed several members of the Ocean to Ocean Group, including ourselves. This interview was shown on Channel 4 News this evening at 6pm and partially repeated at 11:00pm. We left the farm at 3pm with a police escort to the freeway, where we were on our own for a few miles, before reaching Issaquah and our hotel. One of our people broke his crank shaft about 5 miles from the hotel - so - you can imagine how disappointed he is. This afternoon we washed the car in preparation for tomorrow's events in Issaquah. Todate we have travelled 4298 miles in Leaping Lena!

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