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The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Hi to all,
We left Dearborn about 8:00 AM and with minimal effort drove the 199 mles to here, arriving about 4:30. Some delay as we waited for a blown head gasket to be changed on a friend's car. Temps reached 90 in the late afternoon but we were comfortable in the touring as the humidity seemed lower than back in CT. Checked into our room and had to drive 2 blocks to retrieve our luggage from the trailer. Dinner was at Seans Pub on prem and we were ready for rest, or in some cases, bed. A 220 mile day tomorrow calls for an dearlier departure, hopefully. Both Bob and I cannot believe we are actually doing this trip which we have been planning for so long, and here it is. Our best father's day gift is the chance to be here. A few calls back home confirms that we have a large following with well wishes for safe travel. For that we are grateful. Now off to our room on the 9th floor where we have a beautiful view of downtown South Bend. As this is the house computer, I didn't bring my camera down, but maybe I'll come back and post some pix. that's all for now,

Will & Bob

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