Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

we had a huge change in the weather. left Tok and drove 200 miles to fairbanks yesterday. had to put the side curtains on and top up. first time sence streetsbugh OH. the temp has diped to a high of 55 today. burr! it was 90 in Tok on wednesday. the smoke is still thick and smells terrible. we are going to be taking a senic train from fairbanks to anchorage. not sure when these firefighters are going to put these fires out but the smoke is ruining the view. we stopped at the north pole to see santa. he showed me the naughty and nice list. i was surprised how many people i know were on the naughty list. you people know who you are. i put in a good word for you so hopfully you will get some nice NOS Model T parts for christmas. the car ran fine again, (still) and the camper is perfect. we continue to take in the model T campgrounds, ie; back roads , parking lots etc. some more pics to enjoy. hope everyone is getting a chance to drive their Ts . doug and rob

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