Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

We set off about 7:00 AM on a relatively short run to our destination in Yakima, about 165 miles total. The car is running well in preservation mode (about 30 MPH) to insure we DRIVE it across the finish line on Sunday. But we seem to be loosing more than normal amounts of oil. Will check pan bolts when we arrive at the hotel. We had a late morning stop at Stokes Burger Ranch in Sunnyside, WA and were treated to "French Fried Asparagus". Bill Stokes is a cattle rancher (50 head) and resturanteur extrordianire. The asparagus was differently delicious! I met his wife, Wanda, at the rear of their truck outside where we were offered Bing and Ranier cherries. A great snack for later on. In 30 miles we crossed the Columbia River into Washington (our final state) and bid farewell to Oregon. As soon as we checked in, Bob could hardly wait for his "work clothes" to arrive in the Hummel trailer so he could address our oil leaks. Several of the pan bolts were found to be loose and in a short time they were properly secured. This should keep most of the oil inside the engine where it belongs! Participants were invited by the Yakima Chamber of Commerce to a local food-fest across from our hotel and I asked Milt Roorda if I could get a ride in #2, which of course he was glad to do. I put on my duster, cap, and goggles and gauntlets and we were off in a cloud of dust! What a thrill for me and we were enthusiastically greeted by the chamber members and other interesed townspeople. I met a gentleman who had pictures of the race participants in 1984 and most interestingly, a picture of the Ford #1 replica driven by Bill Barth. Milt had talked to Bill in Dearborn about the perils of driving an open car such as: rain, wind and sunburn, and had heeded his advice. Also of note today, "Clara", the 1922 Coupe that was rearended, was given a new rear wheel and tended to so as to make it driveable across the finish line in Seattle. Gail was thrilled as she started the car and drove it across the parking lot.

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Comment by Newell Atwood on July 10, 2009 at 2:44pm
Boy, it's the 10th! Where has the time gone. Hope you continue to make the journey to the finish line two days away. What and awesome trip and accomplishment. We hope you continue to travel without any breakdowns. Enjoy the Ride!!

I don't know what I'll do after your trip is over as I look forward the pictures and blogs each day following your adventure. I am sure you will be sad to see the trip end, but then it will be nice to get back home and get back to your own bed.

Have a safe trip and I hope you pass our best to Bob. You guys will have to have a special showing of your pictures/videos etc. Safte traveling!!! Seattle or BUST!!

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