Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Day 14 ~ "The Longest Day" ~ Abilene to Goodland, KS

We were off to an even earlier start at 5:45 in relatively cool temps in anticipation of VERY hot traveling later on. We met Bob's brother about 30 miles out and I took the back seat while he rode with us for an hour. Then it was off again in still cool (75 degs.) temps for awhile. Then the clouds up ahead signaled rain, so I put on my "side curtain" rainsuit in preparation, but the rain was light and short lived. We arrived at Damar about 11:00 and did the "must dos": Eat lunch and visit St. Josephs church.
Viewing the facade of the church was impressive, but once inside, one would think we were in Rome or Paris in one of their renaissance cathedrals! Beautiful stained glass windows on both sides and elegant limestone pillars.
From here we had only 120 more miles to go and it was still before noon. Driving this route was not what both Bob and I had expected of mid-Kansas. The gentle, ever climbing hills with corn and wheat fields gave much variety to the trip which we thought would be monotonous with endless rows of corn on both sides of our route for many miles.
We arrived at 3:35 in Goodland ( actually 2:35 MST) and thoroughly enjoyed what was to be a boring and brutally hot segmen of our journey. Over 2400 miles covered so far!

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