Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

After driving to Hamburg, NY all day Mon without trouble, we made it ALMOST to New Hartford, NY when disaster struck again. After a gas stop, we set off down the road and after a few miles a devastating noise came from the engine while Bob was driving. Sounded like a million marbles clanging around. I shut off the ignition as quickly as possible to prevent further unknown damage and we were once again trailered on to our next hotel. There we methodically started making visual inspections and analytical tests to determine the location and type of problem. We could easily crank over the engine and hear that some moving part was interfering with a stationary part. But, where was it and WHAT was it? Bob finally could see the part which was the funnel part of an internal oil line which had separated itself and was "flapping" against the flywheel. The only way to get at it was to remove the "hogshead", a particularly messy and tedious job. We set about the task in the parking lot of the hotel where an outside light was available as it was getting dark. About midnight, the failed piece was removed and discarded as it was not needed because Bob had installed a high-volume exterior oil lline. Reinstalling the "HOG" was almost completed by 3 AM and we finally went to our room around 3:30 AM! 6:30 came quite quickly. I rode with Jon G. in his 1922 Coupe to Statesboro, OH and Bob rode in the car hauler. Early in the evening the final assembly was completed and the engine fired up. Again, all is well, but we feel a bit out of sorts with only 3 hours sleep!

The first failure was of an item guaranteed for 100,000 miles which went only 8,000 miles, and the later was of a $8.00 part which prematurely failed, costing us approx. 20 man hours by Bob, John Griesenbeck, and me. So we are ready to go to our first 2-day layover in Dearborn. We WILL make it this time!

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