Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Well, here we are in Abilene, Kansas, - tornado alley - we are told!!
We are now over half way across the country, as we are over 50 miles
southwest of Manhattan, Kansas, which was considered the half-way point in
1909 between New York and Seattle.
It has been another very HOT day today - 104 at the last count - and not a
cloud in the sky and high humidity! We drove 163 miles today - one of our
shorter mileage days. We drove up hill and down dale and climbed over
twisty roads through the Flint Hills, which were green with grass and
cattle - some standing in the water up to their bellies to keep cool.
The town of Burlingame welcomed us with their local car clubs and
residents and served us a scrumptious, all-you-can-eat breakfast, which
was VERY WELL receved, as you can imagine!
We stopped for a rehydration break in a little town called Dwight,
that luckily still had a cafe, and they fed and cooled us with
iced water, orange juice, and brownies with ice cream!!
We continued on to Abilene, the famous cattle town and rail terminus.
We stopped at the Dwight Eisenhower Museum, which was interesting.
The car that was running with us today, ran out of gas, just at the edge
of town - which was lucky for them.
Gary has jury-rigged the ingnition switch to make a positive connection.

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