Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

A trip up North to Vermont from Long Island in the 23 Model T with the LIMEY

Dear fellow T travelers; June 2011

in Vermont




As you know  we all braved the weather and drove, not pushed the T’s north to Vermont. As we all know now, Vermont was a wonderful place to spend, rain or shine! Good friend’s always make a journey fun. Larry and I left the house on Long island and took the ferry from Port Jefferson and not without a bit of intrigue. It seems we were in violation of some code that the T’s top should be up despite the great weather. We, being the daring travelers we are refused...well, we told him that the top was broken. We were then told that we may have to sign an affidavit ? We are still waiting to sign...What a fun guy he was! NOT

Then, with the T cranked (started, just wanted it to sound like the old days) over we haded North...’Hammer Down’ , OK, we chugged along on the city streets avoiding the highways. It is always the best place to see what a place looks like and sometimes, if you look, you can see what it did look like. Lower and Mid Connecticut is such a place with many factories closed and many waiting to be reassigned or removed. I always like to see the reassignment into new shops, living places etc. But many of our small towns and cities seem to be in trouble. Once into Northern Connecticut we were in the woods and driving scenic drives, this is always a treat and a good place to keep your eyes open for local wildlife. I’d like to say that we saw bears and such but only cows and a few horses but a great drive anyway. I have by now learned to relax in the back seat of the T while Larry drives but early in 2009 it was different....as you know, they drive on the wrong side over there so I had to see how the Limey did in America, well, he passed with an A+.

We spent many hours making our way North in Massachusetts and did make a few stops. One stop was at a local antique shop , Larry looking for period clothes. He did find a nice ladies duster from the 20's but the owner removed the $50 price tag and put on a $150 tag thus stopping any more thought of buying there. On our drive up we stopped at Hemming’s Motor News and were given a late hour tour for just us. Larry and the manager talked about their Model T’s bands and adjustments. Later we saw a line of 1930's cars parked at a motel and pulled in the see the new cars as we told the owners. This was greeted by a chuckle and an offer to share some snacks and a beer. The car club were on a drive from Rhode Island and were there to attend the big car show and flea market the next day in Manchester, a yearly pilgrimage for them. We found a small motel up the road and then went out for dinner to a very nice Mexican place. Later got to our rooms and got some sleep. We had two rooms at a very good price because Larry says I snore which I don’t believe.

We were up early the second day of travel and had given some thought to going to see the car show / flea market nearby but it was raining and we still had a full day of driving. So, we had a continental breakfast...sound fancy but I was still hungry when we left. Driving in the rain is OK as long as you accept the fact that you going to be wet...and we were. But we did make stops for coffee and sometimes had to find one of those special relief rocks that they have out there in the woods. Nice country up North there and some quaint shops too. We had lunch at a Chicken Retirement place. No, I didn’t have chicken!!! The mountains were covered by the clouds that had a smoky look, some like chimneys were under them keeping someone warm.

During our drive up, Valerie was also on her way North to pick up Christine at Burlington Airport. We arrived at Stowe in the Mid afternoon and got our rooms and unloaded that bags into the rooms. Then about two hours of nice warm shower and relax time until I heard Larry outside and went to see what was up. It turned out to be Annie with Pearl and Cassel who had arrived too. I asked Larry for his cell phone so I could call Valerie and just then Val and Christine arrived, a welcome sight! We then made our way across the street with Cassel, Pearl, Annie and Larry and Christine to dinner at the Pie in the Sky restaurant. Nice Pizza and good conversations with friends we had not seen in a while. This is going to be a great few days in the T.   Just getting up to Vermont was a treat and an adventure.  From the looks of things here at the Golden Eagle and the Old English Inn, we are about to embark on a high adventure in the T's. 


















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