Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

We woke early to beat the heat while in Kansas, left at 4AM, nobody on the roads but us. I sat in the back of our little 23 touring car clicking down the road in the dark. A bit of an evening chill but feels good after such heat the past few days. Our headlights point down the farm road and the stars by the millions above us. I look up, leaning my head back and watch the stars and the edge of the milkyway is easily seen, a few shooting stars too. It's early in the morning but the birds are already flickering about looking for breakfast for the little ones. behind us the sky gets a bit brighter as the sun rises to begin a new day, the mist is in the fields silhouetting the farm buildings were the farmer is also up doing his chores. This is what I needed, why I came on this journey, why I wake up early and ride in the back of a piece of history. Thank all of you for sharing that chapter with me both on the road as kindred spirits and those who came with us in pictures and on the page, it was wonderful!!! Gary Foerster ( team Limey)

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