Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

hi to all the wonderful model t family out there. wow, pete and ian, i wish i was up there in seattle to drive down to florida with you. my life has been a roller coaster ride rather than a T ride. i am now in birmingham alabama. my brother scott, (jono's father) was air lifted here on tuesday 9/8/09 and i flew down that day to be with him. we are in the university of alabama hosp. it is huge, and the largest employer in the state and also the 3rd best hosp in the USA. he has been through a lot and continues to be holding his own. i am with him 24/7 they have poke and prodded him in every shape and form. we have a good team of nuro surgons working on him and they are stumped as to what has cause his brain "lesions" "infiltration" they contine to rule out several causes after every test but do not have a diagnosis or prognosis. so, i continue to be here with him. at least when i get a chance to go outside its warm out. my car is still at barry fowler's in anchorage. maybe i should have ian or pete drive it down this way. its getting too cold up there to drive a T. i could have it shipped to seattle in a few days if you guts are interested. then i would at least have my T here and when scott gets better i could bring him home in a T. any way, scott continues with his sense of humor and is also getting frustrated with all this. he is totaly bed ridden and wants to go home. please keep the prayers and thoughts of him getting well and out of here soon. good luck pete, and ian.have a very funfilled and safe trip. take your time, this country, land of the free and home of the brave is absolutly beautiful. happy Ting to all my O2O Ters, doug, scott, jono, ryan

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