Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

i am doing well. i spent yesterday drying out the camper, i had rain in cantwell and packed the camper up wet. so got a little break in the ak weather and dried it out. spent the night with barry and doris fowler's. they live at the top of a 10 gallon mtn. what a beautiful home with great views and a fantastic car collection. we stayed up and talked all night. they had to work today so i spent the day in town doing laundry and e mails. heading back up the mtn to their house tonite. pictures are of the trip from fairbanks to anchorage and the cars i saw at the fountainhead car museum. i have to tell everone that ever comes to fairbanks has to stop in and see wille ventura. he is fantastic. some of the car pics are his cars, camping in cantwell etc. in cantwell you have to stop at the killer bbq. the best bbq in ak. check out the new decal on the T. great food and staff, they get a 2 thumbs up. having a great time and the weather is almost 60 degrees, burr, cold, time to head south soon. it changed so fast.

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