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The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest




JUNE 14-20, 2015




Hello to all of our Ocean to Ocean Family members from the “HILLS OF TENESSEE”.


WELCOME TO CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE AREA: We are one week away from the reunion. I pray that the weather is good for our day tours.


PARKING: There are two gated parking areas in between the front of hotels that have been made available for us. Please check the front desk for details.


DRIVER/REGISTRATION MEETING: The meeting will include a complementary Pizza Party beginning 5:30 PM, Sunday Evening, 6/14 at Hampton Inn Meeting Room. Information Packets will be distributed. Fruit, cheese, cracker and vegetable platters, bottle water and a verity of sodas will be provided. We have the meeting room until 8:30 PM to reconnect, catch-up, enjoy the food, fellowship and participate in a contest. Prizes will be awarded.


REGISTRATION:   We have 16 cars and 32 people listed. 4 UK, 4 CT, 2 OH, 2 MI, 1 TN, 8 VA, 2 GA, 6 PA, 3 NY


COSTS: I will need to collect $27.20 (cash please) per person at Registration Meeting for Ruby Falls and Incline Railway group discounts. Towing Museum is $7.00 Tennessee Valley Rail Road is $17.00 or $15.00 for group of 20 or more. Tennessee Aquarium is an option for Friday at $26.95.


VEHICLE INSPECTION: Each Driver/Owner is and will be responsible to inspect their vehicle prior to the tour and to correct any and all issues before the start of the tour.


NO VULTURE WAGON for this tour. Use AAA membership An alternative is Midnite Oil Gas Station (423) 643-1111 which is next to the hotels and has a flat bed tow truck that cost $85.00 per tow.


DRAFT TOUR SCHEDULE: (Subject to change) (If RAIN is forecasted we may swap trip day to avoid getting soaked)


Monday – International Towing & Recovery Museum & Hall of Fame - Ruby Falls (warm sweater or coat - Cavern Temp 55o) – Raccoon Mountain Reservoir

Tuesday – Chattanooga Tunnels – Chattanooga Choo Choo – Coker Tire Antique Auto Collection – Signal Mountain

Wednesday – L & N Train Depot Museum - River Rapids – 90 ‘Water Falls & Cherokee National Forest

Thursday – Chickamauga National Military Park - Incline Railway - (Lunch) Armando’s Best Burgers in town - Kayo Erwin Auto Collection

Friday – Downtown Chattanooga - Tennessee Valley Rail Road - Harrison State Park State Park) – Closing Dinner at State Park DockSide Café


If you have any questions please feel free to call me on my cell (571) 353-0837.

                                                                                  Dom Denio

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Comment by Larry "The Limey" Riches on June 22, 2015 at 7:59pm
First thing first, many thanks to Dom Denio and his family for hosting Christine and myself on the reunion tour this past week in Chattanooga, all your hard work an effort worked for us, thank you all so much. Now we must talk about the DD's, Dom directions, made life travelling in a model t at 95F very interesting, suggest all future wrong turns are now listed as DD's. The Limey performed well, only alternator issues made us miss one day, all fixed now and the car is heading north to Virginia, with 520 + miles from Jacksonville and then the tour miles we added 900 miles in total, I just heard that Ralph has arrived safely in Asheville NC, another 200 miles, wow what a car. It was great to see all those old 020 friends once again, looking forward to seeing you all again in Hershey, I hope to be there in The Limey if all goes well.
As regards to next years reunion tour, I hope the suggestion made in Chattanooga is followed up and we meet at the International in upstate New York, add a day for the 020 people, maybe run a few miles on the route we took in 2009, and a dinner, we need a volunteer to organise that day, anyone out there ready to do this? Best wishes to everyone and our thanks for being such good hosts to those pesky Limeys!
Comment by Dom Denio on June 22, 2015 at 1:38pm

Thank you to all who attended last weeks reunion. It was nice to see you again. FYI, The valve pin fractured on the 2nd cylinder intake. As of noon Monday it is replaced and the 1919 Touring is running.

Comment by Larry "The Limey" Riches on June 12, 2015 at 5:27pm

Hi Guys, Larry and Christine aboard the Limey are just 30 miles from Ooltewah, will arrive Saturday at the Holiday Inn Express, our cell phone is 718 710 2224. Its hot as hell, we just drove 500+ miles from Jacksonville in three days! Looking forward to seeing everyone again Larry the Limey and Christine

Comment by douglas hauge on June 12, 2015 at 11:28am

I am bringiong my 87 year old dad, and brother scott! can't wait to see everyone! leaving sunday am at 8am from florida. trailering up.

Comment by Larry "The Limey" Riches on June 9, 2015 at 2:41pm

The Limey started and we start the drive to Chatanooga tomorrow at 6am! Larry and Limey and Christine

Comment by Larry "The Limey" Riches on June 9, 2015 at 12:17pm
Hi everyone just to confirm the Limey and Christine have landed, going to the storage unit in Jacksonville this afternoon to start up the car and then will start the run to Ooltelwah tomorrow, 520+ miles, see you at the weekend, Larry the Limey and Christine.

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