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The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

We arrived in Dearborn today, Thursday, June 18, to complete day 5. Day 1 started in White Plains, NY and went to City Hall in NYC, then traveling to West Point for the night. Our car was running, but not well, and since all the festivities (send off ceremony at City Hall, pictures, etc.) in NYC were cancelled due to Puerto Rican Day, we (and several others) decided to bypass into and out of the city and just go up to West Point. We arrived early enough to do a tour of West Point and generally relax. Then Jim decided to take out the new carburator/intake manifold he had put in not long ago and replace the older ones, thinking that may be our problem. It wasn't. Still ran badly. Then it was decided that the ignition system was the problem, so, in anticipation of this potentiality, Jim had a new distributor, etc. - so with the generous help of some fellow model-T-ers, we got the old timing system out and the new distributor in by 10:30 that night. My little red truck has never run so well! Day 2 we went from West Point to New Hartford, NY (near Utica). That day's problem surfaced right after our breakfast stop 1 hour into the day - the car wouldn't start. Battery stone cold dead. Got the car started with a push, and stopped at the next NAPA - dead cell in brand new battery. So got a new one, and, as of now, (KNOCK ON WOOD), no more problems, just great driving! Some rain that day, but not enough that we had to put side curtains up. Third day went from New Hartford to Hamburg, NY. Lots of hills, and a nice sunny day. We had no problem with any of the hills. Now that the car is running well, I (Carol) finally started driving and it's been a real pleasure. It's much easier to drive when the car is running well. Day 4 was not so much fun. Hamburg to Streetsboro, Ohio. The route was very congested - lots of stop lights, traffic, etc. And it was raining all day, and the wind was blowing. Today was a very nice drive, overcast and cool, no rain, and nice countryside. The next 2 days we spend doing "Ford" things in Dearborn, including driving on their test track, leaving Sunday morning for South Bend, Indiana.

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Comment by Jim & Carol Sanford on June 25, 2009 at 10:51pm
i'm not very good about posting. Since Dearborn, we have traveled to South Bend, IN, Bloomington, IL, Hannibal, MO, and Olathe KS where we spent 2 nights. Tomorrow, Friday June 26 we will be driving to Abilene, KS. We have been plagued with battery problems pretty much since the beginning as it seems out generator/voltage regulator isn't working. But with a push (and sometimes the old fashioned way - the crank, but the engine is so tight that doesn't always work) we get my little pickup started and we are on our way. We had an alternator shipped to Olathe, and Jim installed that today, so hopefully, our battery problems are behind us. The weather has changed from the rain to record breaking heat. We try to get on our way early (6 am) to beat the heat. We don't like riding with the top up, but we finally started putting it up in the torcherous sun beating down afternoons to provide some shade. We have put the congested eastern roads behind us, and have really enjoyed traveling through the corn fields, hills, etc. The next 2 days we are still in Kansas, then on to Fort Collins, CO on Sunday the 28th. For those interested for getting a real flavor of the adventure, see Katy Fleming's "Katy Across The Nation" videos - try this link: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=kcf225&view=videos

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