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r. scott hauge

dear fellow model Ters. my brother scott has gone to the other side. he loved all of you and had such a great time with his model T family. thank you for all the great times! god speed to you scott.

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still hot in florida!

dom, thank you for making the O2O reunion tour very special for my dad. he really wanted to attend but was discouraged on he stamina and not able to keep up with the pace. allowing him to ride with you was the best! he is still talking about what a great time he had. I can't thank you enough. my brother also loved the tour. something about being in a T has wonderful therapeutic benefits. I want to thank you for all the hard work and time you spent making the tour such a wonderful success.…


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flat in vermont

i had a flat tire on the vermont tour, and was greated by dave morgan in his truck, and he gave me a t driver tire to put on. we changed the flat and i had spent several months trying to find his address, and i finally did. then lost it and now found it again. a lot can be said for my paper work syatem. anyway, i have finally sent dave a brand new tire and thank him so much for his help the day of the tour, and can't help but wonder what he must think of me for taking 5 months to send him…


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9/13/09 sunday

hi to all the wonderful model t family out there. wow, pete and ian, i wish i was up there in seattle to drive down to florida with you. my life has been a roller coaster ride rather than a T ride. i am now in birmingham alabama. my brother scott, (jono's father) was air lifted here on tuesday 9/8/09 and i flew down that day to be with him. we are in the university of alabama hosp. it is huge, and the largest employer in the state and also the 3rd best hosp in the USA. he has been through a lot… Continue

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labor day

i want to thank everyone for their phone calls and posting, and e mails. i am heading to florida within the next few days. scott is still in the hospital and now my dad is having some medical issues. so i have to go down to florida to help my mother. i will post when i get a chance. thanks for all the concern you Ters have shown and keep my family in your prayers. doug

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friday sept 4/09

well, where to start. i have left my car at barry fowlers home in anchorage AK. it is running great and barry has taken her out and stretched her legs a bit to keep her charged up. i am in Stittville NY at my home. i flew here from anchorage. my brother scott that flew to seattle and was with me at the banquet, its jonos father, is in the hospitial in florida. he is holding his own and has had a very rough time. i am now in a holding pattern here, i talk with him daily and my parents go to the… Continue

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8/28/09 friday

haven't had a chance to post in a while. all is well and life is great and full of changes, but i… Continue

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8/17/09 monday


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8/16/07 sunday

we have been very busy. after spending 3 beautiful days at robs friend barts house we put rob back on a plane to NY . he has to go back and return to maine to teach school. barts neiborgh will hughes works for the rail road and got me a companion ticket , so i took the train back to fairbanks to get the car. willie from the fountain head auto museum pick me up at the train station and gave me a warm dry place to stay, and fed me breakfast. we had great talks about cars, and planes, fire dept… Continue

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more from anchorage

so we are at an old friends house thet has lived here for the last 4 or so years. we have warm dry beds, hot home cooked meals, a great dog named rusty, great reaquantices with old friends and new ones. laundry, hot showers, and cold beer. we are living the good life. too a ride… Continue

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alaska pics

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alive in anchorage

rob and i are in anchorage. we took a 12 hr train ride from fairbanks. we were told in north pole to meet a guy named willie in fairbanks, so we met up with him and he is the man in charge of… Continue

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north pole

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fairbanks friday 8/7/09

we had a huge change in the weather. left Tok and drove 200 miles to fairbanks yesterday. had to put the side curtains on and top up. first time sence streetsbugh OH. the temp has diped to a high of 55 today. burr! it was 90 in Tok on wednesday. the smoke is still thick and… Continue

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more pics of the trip to alaska

just downloaded these pictures. garys model a, old military installation in haines, smoky travels through the yukon, our campsites, and many more. Continue

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wednesday 8/5/09

hello everyone. doug and rob here in Tok Alaska. we have done over 1000 miles on land and who knows how many miles on the ferries, but we are doing great. here in Tok we found a great littte campground and got a long over do shower,… Continue

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alaska pictures


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monday july 27,2009

to all my model T family that we had the pleasure to experence of a life time together. to all of my family and friends that helped make this trip possible. all i can say is wow, it hasn't ended yet. we traveled up through vancover island and took a couple of ferries and have landed in the state captiol of juneau alaska. the weathe has been great, top down every day with the exception of 1 day while we were on board a ferry and it rained. our car rosileeta was tucked away dry in the car deck,… Continue

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wednesday july something 2009

read this with a british columbia accent. a well we are in prince rupert. we have had great travels, road and ferry. the weather has been sunny during the day and cool and dry at night. we have found some great campgrounds at model t price of $10 the car and camper, rob and i are all doing great, my sprained ankle is doing better.a right on a. will write soon , on our way to juno love to all, doug and rob

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today is ????thursday, july 16th i think

well, i dont know where to start. i have just had the trip of a life time. when my whole family was in white plains to see ry and i start the race, and then to have my brother scott, jonos girl jacklynn, and cuz russ meet us at the finish line. we were escorted into our first night at utica by UFD truck 1 and NYSP. 100s of my friends were there to great us and wish us a safe and happy trip. caorl and brian gave us and idaho sample plate for the front of the car. we wore it proudly across the… Continue

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