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Chattanooga here we come ! June 2015

Hard to think that it has been 6 years since that big drive across America.  We have attended each of the yearly reunions runs except the Virginia run in 2013.  We expect to arrive in the afternoon of the 14th (driving the modern car from Long Island,NY).  Larry & Christine arrived in New York early today and we met them and had dinner near JFK airport.  They leave tomorrow for Florida and will be driving the T up to Chattanooga, expecting to arrive on…


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Tennessee Trip

Well, it's less than two weeks away now, I'm sure more and more time is being spent on thinking about packing or already getting it done.  The cars are getting a once over and getting set for another meeting of our O2O club. I must say that so many of our best touring days have been spent with O2O and I bought my Model T 30 years ago ( it is now in England enjoying a second life in Lincolnshire at Larry's Mum's home where we visit each year in August).…


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2019 O2O reunion run

I hope we have time to get in on the 209 run, the first trip was a great experience and we will be ready to do it again. Gary & Valerie Foerster

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2015 Tour

Dom;  As of now (Jan 25th 2015), my wife and I will be attending the tour God willing.  Larry Riches has also recieved the info that is so far available and he is still in the organization stage of his years activities and will conatct Dom when he can. Our friends and O2O past participants, Jerry and Jodi Roberts, also hope to attend after they work out details and have all of the tours info, they will make contact. We look forward to seeing our old…


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Model T trip FromLisbon Portugal to Lincoln England

In late May 2014, a few O2O members, Larry Riches and Gary Foerster with friend's Richard Barett, Ralph Kemp and Pete Smith left from Cascais Portugal on a 1000 mile journey in a 1914 Model T Touring car to raise money for Prostrate Cancer. The team headed North along the coast in Portugal and visited several historic places and places.  The weather was less than we had hoped for, chill mornings and light to heavy rain followed us most of the trip. Our back up vehicle had a second 1914 Model…


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Very sad news about our fellow Model T traveler, Karen Johnson, who was killed recently in a Model T

Yesterday, I had an e-mail from Larry Riches who is in Portugal and had news there that one of our fellow trafvelers in 2009 was killed in an accident when in thier Model T near Zion National Park.  She was with 3 others in the Model T when they pulled to the side of the road and the tire gave out and the can rolled down the hill and flipped over, her husband saw it happen from the car following Karen's car.  I remember them during our month…


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The Limey gets a new Model T

While at Hershey this year (2011), Larry bought a 1913 model T Touring car in like new condition (restored 90%). The car is now in New York at my house having a little upgrades done; Carbide lights cahnged to 12V, disc brakes added to the rear etc. This car will be shipped to larry's home in the UK after St. Patrick's day 2012.  Larry will be joing a tour with his 1923 Touring ( The O2O car), from Virginia where is about to be shipped from new York. Larry…


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A trip up North to Vermont from Long Island in the 23 Model T with the LIMEY

Dear fellow T travelers; June 2011

in Vermont




As you know  we all braved the weather and drove, not pushed the T’s north to Vermont. As we all know now, Vermont was a wonderful place to spend, rain or shine! Good friend’s always make a journey fun. Larry…


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Vermont reunion

OK, looks like all the wheels are turning towards Vermont.  Some of us have a little Spring car clean up and some nuts to turn but the trip looks great, thanks to the planners and scouts who helped plan it out.  I will again be with Larry the LIMEY and the car is running great, had it out in early February for a day and after driving around a few of my grand kids, the car felt like it wanted to get out on the road again....Really looking forward to this trip.  There is an outside chance that… Continue

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June reunion Drive in Vermont

Can someone post the O2O reunion Drive infortmation for the run in Vermont in June of 2011....Thanks, just want to get the dates right for the book, and maybe some hotel info...

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Larry the Limey's car getting set to move from Virginia (on a trailer) to Long Island

We are hoping the weather cooperates for us to move the 23 touring car...THELIMEY from it's current storage with Cassel and Peral Adamson to Gary Foerster's house on Long Island.  Getting it in the shop for the Winter and closer to the Spring drive to Vermont. Will be driving down to Virginia on January 5th.

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I hear there will be a get together at hershey on Thursday? Does anyone have info...please send to Gary Foerster at dutch582@aol.com......Thanks

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A special chapter in my life

We woke early to beat the heat while in Kansas, left at 4AM, nobody on the roads but us. I sat in the back of our little 23 touring car clicking down the road in the dark. A bit of an evening chill but feels good after such heat the past few days. Our headlights point down the farm road and the stars by the millions above us. I look up, leaning my head back and watch the stars and the edge of the milkyway is easily seen, a few shooting stars too. It's early in the morning but the birds are… Continue

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1909 film.....From the Seattle Channel

use the following link to see a 20 min. film about the 1909 race:


Copy and paste the link to see the film.

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