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The 6th O-2-O Reunion Tour was GREAT!

Thanks to you Dom, your tour will be most memorable for many reasons. You made it both fun and interesting in the driving tours and seeing the sights in and around Chattanooga. I had no idea that Coker Tire and Honest Charlie's were both located in Chattanooga. It was also nice to meet your daughter and son-in-law.
Once again, many thanks for your efforts and we look forward to our next meeting. Will keep you posted on next year's tour in New York.

Willard and Barbara Revaz

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5th Reunion Connecticut Tour Details

While I haven't gotten around yet to posting pictures and notes about the Reunion Tour in CT, one participant, Vladimir Kagan, has published the first installment of his detailed memoirs of the event. It can be viewed on his page: vladimirkagan.typepad.com/. Be sure to check back later for the second installment of more pictures and narrative.

In summation, we had 12 cars participate and 25 or so Model-Ters. The Foxwoods Casino and Resort were most accommodating with rooms, good food, and… Continue

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Meadville Tour Photos are finally here!

Sorry I have been so late in posting these pix of the Meadville Tour, but I continued on to the Rutland, VT. MTFCI Tour in which many O-2-O members participated. Enjoy! And many thanks to Ken and David for their efforts in putting together a GREAT tour!

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Shawmut Descendant's names??

Bob and I are getting many requests to do a program of our O-2-O trip and am putting a slide and video show of about an hours worth of video and pictures. I have a picture of the closing banquet with the Scotts as well as the descendants of the Shawmut driver, but don't seem to have their names. Anyone out there remember. It was a woman and her daughter and son. Believe their surname started with a "P". They ceremoniously shook hands at the banquet. Getting anxious to see some at Hershey in a… Continue

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Days 26 & 27 --We Made IT!!

DAY 26: Didn't do a blog post for day 26 because it was a very busy evening arriving at the Snoqualmie Summit Lodge. This is at the peak elevation of the Snoqualmie Pass (3900') and the climb was not too difficult. After dinner we were treated to live music by a 20 piece band which featured early 1900s music like Scott Joplin and old time favorite songs which I enjoy. The first one I recognized was " The Connecticut 2nd Regiment Footguard's March" which was Bob Steele's theme song. I thought I… Continue

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Day 25 ~ Pendelton to Yakima,OR (Yack-a-Ma)

We set off about 7:00 AM on a relatively short run to our destination in Yakima, about 165 miles total. The car is running well in preservation mode (about 30 MPH) to insure we DRIVE it across the finish line on Sunday. But we seem to be loosing more than normal amounts of oil. Will check pan bolts when we arrive at the hotel. We had a late morning stop at Stokes Burger Ranch in Sunnyside, WA and were treated to "French Fried Asparagus". Bill Stokes is a cattle rancher (50 head) and… Continue

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Day 24 ~Ontario to Pendelton, OR

No time for a blog entry on day 23 as we had a very long day (mileage and travel time) in traversing from Twin Falls to Ontario. On day 24 we set off at 7:10 AM in cool temperatures which didn't rise significantly until noon. An alternate 40 mile route was taken for part of the day and it proved to be the most enjoyable of the tour so far for both Bob and me. The lightly traveled road followed a stream which cut through the 4000' buttes and peaks with picturesque scenes and wildlife throughout.… Continue

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Day ~ 22 Trip to Twin Falls, ID

We set out at 7:20 AM from Pocatello and after 202 miles (per the GPS) we arrived at Twin Falls, ID at 4:30 PM. This is the first run with our borrowed 1912 engine installed and we are taking it quite easy, but it performed flawlessly! Glad of that. We WILL make it to Seattle!

One highlight of today's run was our lunch stop in a little burg with population of 504. The tiny diner with one cook/cashier (Sue) was overwhelmed as 40 or so of us stopped for a burger, fries and a coke. But our… Continue

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Breakdowns Strike Again!

All who have been following us might have noticed that there have been no entries for the past two days. Well for good reason. On the way from Rawlins to Rock Springs, Bob's engine broke the crankshaft flange!

For an "A" crank, this is the most vulnerable part of the conversion. NOT GOOD! We were towed into Rock Springs where a positive diagnosis was made and it was not a good day. Hiowever, our good friend, Ken Hummel, quickly offered the use of his 1912 engine and a swap out was… Continue

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Day 15: Goodland,KS to Ft. Collins

Left Goodland before 6 AM and traveled in three states today; and a real bonus for Bob was Nebraska. Weather started out cool(er) and was pleasurable for all of the days route. We were surprised at the sight of the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies with their 14,000 peaks covered with snow! These were the first such mountains we have seen since leaving the Catskills in NY state. Arrived at the Marriot in Ft. Collins around 3:30 Mountain time and checked in. The reception provided by Jim and… Continue

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Day 14 ~ "The Longest Day" ~ Abilene to Goodland, KS

We were off to an even earlier start at 5:45 in relatively cool temps in anticipation of VERY hot traveling later on. We met Bob's brother about 30 miles out and I took the back seat while he rode with us for an hour. Then it was off again in still cool (75 degs.) temps for awhile. Then the clouds up ahead signaled rain, so I put on my "side curtain" rainsuit in preparation, but the rain was light and short lived. We arrived at Damar about 11:00 and did the "must dos": Eat lunch and visit St.… Continue

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Short 162 Mile drive to Abilene, KS

Got an early 5:50 AM start this 13th day and arrived at Burlingame for an "on the road breakfast" at the Santa Fe Cafe around 7:30. The brick pavement center square was secured for our cars to park and local car clubs were on hand to welcome us. Then it was a seemingly quick 110 miles more to Abilene at 11:30. Since our rooms were not ready, we had lunch at the vintage Victorian style Kirby House an then toured the Eisenhower Museum & Library and the 108 year old Carousel. See my video of… Continue

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Needed Rest in Olathe,KS ~ Day 12 June 24-25

Bob and I were the 2nd car to arrive at our hotel in Olathe, the result of making our earliest departure, 6:03 AM from Hannibal, MO. The highlight of our day's trip was probably the ferry across the Missouri River.

We arrived at 3:10 with temps about 95 and we checked in and relaxed in the pool and hot spa for awhile before getting out to the parking lot to see the later arrivals. After dinner, we retired for the night in anticipation of a "work on the car day" early tomorrow, before the… Continue

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Day 10 ~ Bloomington to Hannibal

We left Bloomington about 7 AM and arrived in Hannibal, MO about 3 PM. A shorter day ~ only 195 miles!. Temp in the AM was near 80 and very humid but by early afternoon it was mid-nineties. At least there was no rain or thunderstorms. The cars all seemed to arrive with little or no problems. I suspect that after the first week, anything major that was going to happen - did and now it should be relatively clear sailing to Seattle.

Katie hasn't posted much the last 2 days, but was working on… Continue

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Day 9~South Bend, IN to Bloomington, IL

Left at 7 AM with 65 degree temps , encountered 5,293 drops of rain for 12 miles and then clear driving all the way. Arrived about 4 PM (CST), temp was 99, and had a moving avg. of 35.2 MPH! Seeing lots of corn fields now and terrain is quite flat. Still can't believe I am actually a part of this GREAT experience.

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Here in South Bend, IN

Hi to all,

We left Dearborn about 8:00 AM and with minimal effort drove the 199 mles to here, arriving about 4:30. Some delay as we waited for a blown head gasket to be changed on a friend's car. Temps reached 90 in the late afternoon but we were comfortable in the touring as the humidity seemed lower than back in CT. Checked into our room and had to drive 2 blocks to retrieve our luggage from the trailer. Dinner was at Seans Pub on prem and we were ready for rest, or in some cases, bed. A… Continue

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Thanks to the Casual Ts

Today we all visited The Henry Ford (Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum) and for many it was the first time. Before entering the Village, we were directed to our special parking area. Upon exiting our cars, we were presented with a small banana nut bread cake, courtesy of the Casual Ts of MI. While some chose to eat theirs immediately, I took it back to the hotel and just finished a portion as my customary evening snack. It was delicious! Thank you, Casual T club members for your kind… Continue

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CT Car rides the trailer on Tuesday.

After driving to Hamburg, NY all day Mon without trouble, we made it ALMOST to New Hartford, NY when disaster struck again. After a gas stop, we set off down the road and after a few miles a devastating noise came from the engine while Bob was driving. Sounded like a million marbles clanging around. I shut off the ignition as quickly as possible to prevent further unknown damage and we were once again trailered on to our next hotel. There we methodically started making visual inspections and… Continue

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Special Thanks

Extra special thanks to Paul & Evelyn & "Buffy", John & Grace, and Ray and Linda for seeing us off at White Plains and providing the means for our wives to ride with us for the first day. You guys are SPECIAL and we appreciate your efforts.
Bob & Will

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The CT car IS alive and well! (after being pretty sick!)

You all may be wondering why you haven't heard from the CT car until now. The reason is that we, unfortunately, had a MAJOR breakdown on the first day. We set off in great confidence from White Plains and did the FDR down Manhattan's east side, passing the official starting point at City Hall, and then up the West Side Highway to the George Washington Bridge. Previously, Bob had remarked that his greatest fear on the entire trip would be that of getting a flat tire while traversing the GWB. In… Continue

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