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June 2009 Blog Posts (87)

Day 17 Rawlins, WY

What a glorious day of driving we have had today. The weather was hot again, but the wind was not as strong, so all in all it was great. The humidity is much lower here, which makes it much more comfortable.

Our T performed beautifully - no problems. We left Fort Collins at 7:50am and arrived in Rawlins at 1:55pm, having driven 184 miles. The air was REALLY clear and we saw lots of antelope. Everything was lovely and green - must have had quite a lot of rain not too long… Continue

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Thank you all

A special thank you for all the help, physically and morally we have received during our many breakdowns.

Betty and Warren Mortensen

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Monday, June 29th

Will try to play catch up here, but please remember that Will's regular blogs pretty much apply to me as well because we comprise "team Connecticut"

Friday, June 26th. A long uneventful ride in intense heat brought us to Abilene, KS in the early afternoon. Our room was not ready so we killed some time visiting the Eisenhower museum and library etc. Later we connected with my brother Bill and his wife Judy. They drove up from Dallas to see the cars and have a brief visit with ME.… Continue

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Day 2 Fort Collins, CO

Our "rest" day today has been very relaxing - and we made good use of our time.

After a good breakfast at the hotel, we drove to Spradley/Barr, the Ford dealer in Fort Collins

who opened their shop for us to have oil changes, etc. Gary mounted the new spare tire on our rim

and was also able to grease the front and rear wheel bearings, and check the differential.

The dealer also gave us BBQ hamburgers and brats, chips and drinks for lunch, which was another wonderful treat… Continue

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Day 15: Goodland,KS to Ft. Collins

Left Goodland before 6 AM and traveled in three states today; and a real bonus for Bob was Nebraska. Weather started out cool(er) and was pleasurable for all of the days route. We were surprised at the sight of the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies with their 14,000 peaks covered with snow! These were the first such mountains we have seen since leaving the Catskills in NY state. Arrived at the Marriot in Ft. Collins around 3:30 Mountain time and checked in. The reception provided by Jim and… Continue

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Fort Collins, CO. June 28

Today was our second longest driving day. We drove 251 miles - leaving

Goodland, KS at 7am and arriving at Fort Collins, CO at 4.30pm! It was very

hot again and extremely windy. One of our people had his top completely blown

off. We kept our top down the entire day, which is much safer when the wind is

so strong. We think we both got a little sun burned, despite using LOTS of

sunscreen. The sun seemed to be hotter and then the wind did not help either.

It could be… Continue

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Goodland, KS, June 27

Whew!!!! - we made it across Kansas.

What a day we have had - we started out at 6:30am with wind and sun, then

wind and clouds, then wind and rain, then wind and clouds, then wind and

sun again and more wind!!!! We certainly had variety to say the least.

Today's run was 270 miles - the longest scheduled day of driving.

The day's drive took us through beautiful farming country again with grain

being harvested and some hay being put up. Many miles of beautiful… Continue

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Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado

South Bend Indiana: nice drive, my sister and her husband came from Chicago to have supper with us. it was a Sunday and very hard to find a place open to eat at, we walked across a bridge and through a park where there was some kind of event going on with music. No not rock. There was about 12 of us that went one of our new friends from CA Kathy, keeped the waitress on her toes. the food was not so great, by the time we left we ended up with a free dessert thanks to Kathy...After we… Continue

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Our trip so far

Have been staying very busy with the "race", have not had very much time to write anything. Yesterday we drove from Goodland, KS to Fort Collins, CO was a very pretty drive although we had to drive through a pretty strong head wind for about 30 miles, slowed us down a bit. Had our first view of the mountains. The weather has improve greatly from Kansas were we had 104 degrees heat with high humidity. Made for very long drives. Yesterday we saw alot of feedlots for cattle, I don't think I have… Continue

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Fort Collins, Colorado!

Jeremy and Kate(and Harriet) arrived here by the courtesy and use of the truck and enclosed trailer of Kevin Prus, ably driven by Carl for which we are very grateful. Thanks a bunch you fellows! Thanks to Ralph Kemp for your comments of encouragement. Peter MacAlister is going to have a look at the rods and shims tomorrow to see if Harriet has enough strength to complete the journey. Kate is a bit miffed as she only got 2 days in Harriet but they were long days! Goodland gave us a great welcome… Continue

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ry and i ready to go

we have been getting up eailier every day. we are doing great, and getting scott "scotter" mcWilliam up and in the car has getting better. we were last to leave yesterday but passed many cars as they had a 2 hour hold over for a long lunch break. it was a great drive across kansas. wheat, corn, oil fields, slight hills then flat. more abandon houses and huge, i mean huge tractors and grain silios. we were escorted into goodland last night by the police and had a wonderful warm welcom from the… Continue

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Goodland but for 30 miles!

Jeremy and Katie got 30 miles shy of Goodland and the points failed us. Mick Kemp sorted the gap after we were kindly picked up by Christy and her 4x4 and trailer. Peter Mac is now dismantling the distributor. We may be able to continue or we may not. More later. Lotsa love.

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Day 14 ~ "The Longest Day" ~ Abilene to Goodland, KS

We were off to an even earlier start at 5:45 in relatively cool temps in anticipation of VERY hot traveling later on. We met Bob's brother about 30 miles out and I took the back seat while he rode with us for an hour. Then it was off again in still cool (75 degs.) temps for awhile. Then the clouds up ahead signaled rain, so I put on my "side curtain" rainsuit in preparation, but the rain was light and short lived. We arrived at Damar about 11:00 and did the "must dos": Eat lunch and visit St.… Continue

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the time is going so fast. we had good travels all week. the car is prforming perfect. the heat wave in hte mid west is great. ry says its hot, and i am loving it. temps in the 90s to just over 100 degrees. we had a day off thursday and did a full service on the car. we found nothing wrong and did routine mainatance. sat in the pool during the heat of the afternoon. and steak dinner thursday nite. yester was a nice short drive only 160 miles and today is huge at 260 miles. we will be in… Continue

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Abilene, KS

Well, here we are in Abilene, Kansas, - tornado alley - we are told!!

We are now over half way across the country, as we are over 50 miles

southwest of Manhattan, Kansas, which was considered the half-way point in

1909 between New York and Seattle.

It has been another very HOT day today - 104 at the last count - and not a

cloud in the sky and high humidity! We drove 163 miles today - one of our

shorter mileage days. We drove up hill and down dale and climbed… Continue

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Short 162 Mile drive to Abilene, KS

Got an early 5:50 AM start this 13th day and arrived at Burlingame for an "on the road breakfast" at the Santa Fe Cafe around 7:30. The brick pavement center square was secured for our cars to park and local car clubs were on hand to welcome us. Then it was a seemingly quick 110 miles more to Abilene at 11:30. Since our rooms were not ready, we had lunch at the vintage Victorian style Kirby House an then toured the Eisenhower Museum & Library and the 108 year old Carousel. See my video of… Continue

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Jeremy and Katie make it to Abilene!

Many thanks to Steve and Diane from Tulsa who came up to see me in Olathe and collect Katie from Kansas Airport. It was wonderful to reunite after 25 years! (And very happy to be reunited with Katie after 2 weeks apart!)Steve and Diane - Hope Stephanie is doing fine! Still in a heatwave, at over 40 degrees C and hard on people and cars. The local Ford dealer here in Abilene very kindly performed free oil changes for our 'T's and we are ready for the longest day of 266 approx miles tomorrow to… Continue

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Day 2 in Olathe, KS

Today has been a very relaxing day - our "rest" day in Olathe, Kansas.

We started the day emptying out the car and trying to get everything dried

out. The car started without any problems - which was a bonus.

Our GPS got wet last night and has not recovered. The seats are still

pretty wet - the seat padding is still soaked - so we are likely to have

"wet pants" for a day or so!!! Gary did routine lubrication on the car,

wiped her down, gased her up and we are ready… Continue

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Thursday. June 25th

Today was our rest day in Olathe, KS and believe me it was really needed. Our ride here through rural Missouri was brutal hot and took the toll on many of us. Parking lot activity today was unbelievable. Check out the many photos and videos that will be certainly be loaded tonight. Tomorrow will be special as I will be meeting my brother Bill and his wife Judy in Abilene.

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Needed Rest in Olathe,KS ~ Day 12 June 24-25

Bob and I were the 2nd car to arrive at our hotel in Olathe, the result of making our earliest departure, 6:03 AM from Hannibal, MO. The highlight of our day's trip was probably the ferry across the Missouri River.

We arrived at 3:10 with temps about 95 and we checked in and relaxed in the pool and hot spa for awhile before getting out to the parking lot to see the later arrivals. After dinner, we retired for the night in anticipation of a "work on the car day" early tomorrow, before the… Continue

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