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Bellevue Wa

Today is the final trek to Bellevue with a stop in North Bend for some activities.  We have chosen to remain behind because today’s travel is almost entirely on Interstate 90.  Brother Ray to the rescue again.  He will pick us up at the hotel and trailer us to Bellevue.  Our few experiences on the Interstate have made us nervous about the planned route today.  They will be traveling 18 miles on the Interstate in caravan fashion to North Bend.  The trailers with us will try to provide some…


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Snoqualmie Pass

Even shorter day today, only 101 miles to our destination, Snoqualmie Pass.  Had a great breakfast in town at Mel’s Diner.  Willard’s waffle with peaches was beautiful to look at and so good.  We headed for gas and disaster struck.  Willard could feel the car pulling to the right.  It was a flat tire on the right front wheel, the one we had replaced because of loose spokes.  Had a hard time getting the tire fixed.  Luckily Billy came along to help after his breakfast at Mel’s Diner.  Got…


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Pendleton to Yakima

Shorter day today, only 182 miles.  Nice ride though we can’t keep the days straight and the scenery is beginning to look the same everywhere.  We did pass a lot of fruit growing - apples, pears, apricots and cherries.  There were several wineries along the way.  And a few corn fields and hops.  Nice hotel for the evening and lots of time to clean up the car and do some polishing.  Yakima is in Washington so you could say that we’ve made it across the country already.

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Pendelton Oregon

Today was a long ride of 259 miles so we took off early.  There were two long stretches of roads, one 122 miles and one 116 miles. Barbara loves those long runs because she can sit back and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about the next turn.  Beautiful country all around on this ride.  We get gas when we see it because we never know what is around the corner.  The morning stop was at a little market in the mountains where we gassed up and got coffee and a blueberry muffin.  Met a…


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Ontario Oregon

The day started with high hopes for a nice ride with a stop in Kuna ID for coffee and donuts.  The breakfast in the Holiday Inn was sit down, order off the menu.  They were not prepared for 20+ people to show up at opening time in the morning. To say they were overwhelmed is an understatement.  Service was terrible and the wait was long.  It was an hour and fifteen minutes before we got our food.  Everyone was in the same boat so because we left so late, the coffee stop was cancelled and we…


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Twin Falls Idaho

 A beautiful sunny morning this morning but a little chilly. We wore our windbreakers for most of the morning. The roads were good and we made good time. Visited Craters of the Moon National Park for a few hours.   There is a 7 mile loop road that takes you through the park. Along the way you see all of the old lava flows from volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.   Willard said that the astronauts trained there in preparation for walking on the Moon.   By afternoon the wind picked up…


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Pocatello ID

When we were in Montpelier for the Fourth of July, we got a little rain and the temperatures dropped substantially.  We were freezing in our light jackets.  There were fireworks in the evening about six blocks from our hotel but we were too tired and too cold to go.  The next day it was a short drive to Pocatello, only 88 miles.  There are more mountains as we travel farther west.  And we see a lot more trees and forests out here.  The ride was easy and enjoyable.  We went up a big hill and…


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Montpelier, Idaho

Beautiful day again today.  Got a late start again, even later than yesterday, but it was a shorter drive so who cares. We headed out of Wyoming into Utah and then to our destination in Idaho.  Today we traveled up and down lots of hills, around a lot of hills, and saw lots of trains going this way and that.  We came upon a really big hill towards the end of the day that took us into the recreation area of Bear Lake.  The lake water was so blue, it was startling.  It was a huge lake, most of…


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Rock Springs

We didn’t sleep well after yesterday’s fiasco.  So we slept in and left late, probably the last ones to leave for the day.  We chugged along at a slow pace all day long, just trying to relax and get “in the groove” again.  We saw wonderful scenery and traveled along, seemingly all by ourselves.  We never saw another T until we got to the hotel at the end of the day.  Willard had been very upset the day before and after a nice day of driving, he was calmer and more himself again.  The car was…


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We have been getting behind in our blogs due to tiredness.  Just can’t seem to get everything done in the evening after a long day of driving.  The ride to Rawlins, Wyoming started out really well. The ride was beautiful and we were making good time.  The scenery was beautiful and we were having a good day all around.  Things took a turn for the worse in the last miles of the day.  We headed down Tie Town Road, labeled in our directions as unpaved.  The road was not much more than two dirt…


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Another Day Off

We had another rest day today.  There was a rain storm last night with lots of thunder and lightning.  Willard got some neat pictures of the lightning.  The morning was spent working on the car.  Brother Ray brought the trailer to us so Willard could do an oil change.  He greased up everything that needed greasing and charged up our dead GPS battery.  A quick wash of the car and some brass polishing ended the car maintenance.  A shower and a nap was part of the driver maintenance.  After…


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Fort Morgan

Goodbye Kansas, hello Colorado!  Today’s drive was much shorter, 162 miles, and very pleasant.  Another warm day, but not as brutal as the past two through Kansas.  Roads were good and farmlands are now intermingled with cattle ranches. We traveled a short distance through Nebraska to get to Colorado from Kansas.  Arrived just after noon but couldn’t check in until 2:30 PM.  Our group is split between two hotels, Best Western and Comfort Inn.  But they are side by side with a third hotel,…


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Did not have time to write last night about our day getting to Goodland, Kansas because it was a very long day and very exhausting.  Because it was a 267 mile drive and the temperature was expected to be over 100 again, most folks tried to get on the road by 5:30 AM.  The hotel, a Holiday Inn Express, treated us exceptionally well.  They had cereal and breads and muffins and juice and coffee available at 5AM, a good hour before they usually open.  The first five hours was a pleasant drive.  …


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Nice ride to Abilene today but brutally hot.  By the end of the ride the temperature was over 100 degrees. Barbara drove the T for a short while so Willard could take pictures.  No one believes she actually drove.  We could not get into our hotel room upon arrival so we went to lunch and then to the Eisenhower Museum and Library.  The complex was built right around his boyhood home on land that was purchased by or donated to the museum.  There is a tour of his boyhood home which is a small…


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Day Off

We had a day off today to rest, sleep in and work on the cars.  Willard washed our 1912, especially the wheels.  Our drive yesterday searching for a way across the Missouri River took us on a lot of gravel roads and through watery roads.  That made for really dirty wheels - white dust on black wheels is pretty ugly.  We went to Target for more paper towels and a few other necessities.  It was a lazy day with all of the men working on their T’s.  Could not do laundry because the hotel’s…


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First night in Kansas

Had an interesting day driving to Kansas today.  Barbara is seeing a lot of Lutheran churches out this way and many of them are her flavor -Missouri Synod.  The fields in Missouri are flooded just like Illinois.  However near the Missouri River not only the fields are flooded but the roads are covered with lots of water and closed to all traffic.  To get to Kansas we had to cross over the river and had a difficult time finding a place to do that.  Everything near the river is flooded and…


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Illinois to Missouri

Today was nice and sunny but very windy as we drove to our next destination through the Illinois farmlands.  Very windy however.  The locals said they have had this rainy windy weather for over a month and a half.  Many of the fields are flooded and the corn has died in those sections.  The farmers are having a tough year and are not expecting a good crop. We saw one farm house sitting on a little rise and all of the fields around it were flooded.  It looked like the flooding had covered the…


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Bloomington IL

Left Mishawaka hoping to escape the rain coming from the West.  We did a good job dodging the clouds in the morning,  but while we were having lunch the rain started.  At first it was just a downpour and as long as we were moving we were fine. But then the wind picked up and the rain started coming in the car sideways. We had to stop and put on our rain gear and got soaked while we were doing it. My book of directions was getting wet so I had to put them away and just follow the GPS. After a…


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Mishawaka IN

Another nice drive through Michigan and into Indiana.  But I must say that Michigan has some of the worst roads I’ve ever been on.  We hit some really bad pot holes along the way in lots of different towns.  Traveling over train tracks is also challenging and bumpy.  We passed the Michigan Speedway along the route.  And in one town met a fellow O2O traveler from 10 years ago.  Arrived at our hotel early in the afternoon and took the opportunity to do our first laundry.  When it was my turn I…


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Dearborn Day 2

 Drove all around Detroit to see Ford sites like the Highland Park factory and the old Sales Department building.  Just viewed them from the outside since the factory building is mainly storage now and the sales building is run down and boarded up.  Went to the Piquette factory where the Model T was born.  Our car wasn’t built there - it was built at the Highland Park factory.  Piquette has many Model T’s from all years and even Ford cars that came before the Model T.  Went to the cemetery…


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