Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

So starts the get ready for the 2019 rerun.  We will be sending our Management blasts as needed. anny questions contact me at joneuro@att.net or 540-397-2272 of Morris Dillow at moedillow@yahoo.com or 501-351-5991

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Thanks Jon and Morris.

We will be watching this site for further news.

We are planning on going to the 2019 rerun

Warren and Betty Mortensen

Looking forward to seeing everybody. New and old friends.

Kevin & Ginny Prus

Beginning to get excited about this re-run. Many good memories about long distance touring in a T. This time my co-driver will be my wife, Barbara. She had better learn how to drive my T. Kevin, really, 40-50 HP? Remember it was the slow and steady cars that made it without breakdowns last time? I Count 54 on the list, but I guess it will be pared down by 2019 to allow for attrition. Be well all and see see you in Seattle.


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