Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Remember this is a bare bones run that's why the deposit is only $500.00.  This deposit (apply's to driver, car and copilot) will be used for front and back banquets, name tags, O2O meatballs for the sides of your vehicles, printing, bank fees, etc.  Morris will be reprinting the trip books with the proper dates, hotels and venues to be utilized. You are responsible for entry fees to venues unless venues require group payment. then adjusts may need to be made.  We have many other volunteers that are working hard to put together segments of this rerun.  I would like to to thank them in advance for all their efforts.

Please note you are responsible for your vehicle, and people with you,  We will be working with a Transport company for getting your vehicle back home, only in respect to get a discount.  You will be responsible to make arrangements with them and arrange payment.  (or you can make your own arrangements)

Morris is working with hotels now to get group discounts and blocking a group of rooms for our use.  Again you will be responsible to make those reservations and payment arrangements.  Notification will be given ahead of time.  

Same rules apply to the preparation of your vehicle,  it must pass the Model T International inspection work sheet.  Your vehicle must also have rocky mountain or hydraulic brakes.  Having been on this trip it is also recommended that you have a ruxtel or aux. transmission. We will be crossing the continental divide several times.  Safety is high priority, there will be more on this in the future.  At this time Don Lang has declined to go with us but we are working on other parts solution.  (I would like to again thank Don and his family for all their hard work during the 2009 tour they were so valuable to us)  With the strength of fedX they can can ship parts ahead, or your vendor may accommodate that,  I would speak with them about your needs as you prepare your vehicle.  Remember this is a 4,500 mile trip!

We are just starting to get this together so if you have questions email us, they may be the same questions others may have.  We will answer them to the best of our ability.

God Bless Happy Ting, Jon 

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