Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

MAY 20TH, 2019

Dear 2019'ers,

This blast is close to the last blast you will receive before we make our journey. Much has transpired, the changes have been many about half who initially signed up in the beginning have changed we now have about 35 Model T's that are going to take this adventure. Our T's have gone through a metamorphoses in preparation for that far off day, which is not far off now. We shall be together in less than a month and our adventure will continue for more than a month. We are all fortunate to be in on it and will never forget it!


2) Each Vehicle must have the "vehicle Inspection Form filled out and turned in at the banquet with the Waivers. THIS CAN BE DOWN LOADED FROM THE O2O SITE OR THE MTFCI WEBB SITE. ******People who are riding with you or going along must be listed on the back with their MTFCI members Numbers next to their names. ****NO EXECPTIONS!!!!!**** Please don't make us the bad guys by saying someone can't go because of no membership!

3) Baggage on the baggage trailer will be limited to one bag per 2019'er. Since the baggage trailer will be the last one in to the hotel I recommend you carry a spare set of clothes and a bathing suite to hit the pool to cool your body temperature down.

4) There will be no security at any of the venues or hotels

5) Oil changes have been arranged at Dearborn Village courtesy of Steve Shotwell. Members must supply their own oil at the village.

6) Many areas that we are staying past the Mississippi are going to be very happy to see us. Many of these towns Chamber of Commerce have arranged some parades and dinners for us as we cross the country. That list will be given out at the banquet; for there are still some towns getting with us.

7) Please arrive at the DOUBLETREE, in Tarrytown , New York By Saturday check in which is 11:00am. The directions to park your trailers is as follows: Around back of the hotel look for Morris and his son David for directions.

banquet dinner at DOUBLETREE will be served at 6:00 p.m. all 2019'ers and their guests must be at their tables at 5:30 p.m. for presentations and discussion of issues pertinent to the 2019 Rerun.

8) Route books, etc will be given out at the banquet for each vehicle.

9) Any special announcements or changes pertinent to a day's route will be put on the GROUP ME AP. All of you that have cell phones please join an Application ap called "GROUP ME"   AND JOIN THE OCEAN TO OCEAN RUN GROUP.   This AP will be used to inform of any last minute changes or if there are problems that we encounter in route, i.e. a road closed and having to reroute or take an old rail road bed to get to the next destination. Fuel can sometimes be an issue so pay attention if this AP light up!

10) Don't sweat the small stuff, this is going to be a trip of a life time for many of you. There are several that are doing this trip for the second time. (No we are not crazy, it's awesome and you will make lifelong friends!)

11)   The closing banquet will be held at THE EMBASSY SUITES in BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON at 5:00 p.m.  

13) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! We strongly recommend that a buddy system be established so that the driver of each car before the beginning of the rerun has arranged with another driver to have contact in another car. Each driver should call his buddy at designated times during the rerun if they are separated to ensure that they are not in trouble and if they are to assist him in whatever is necessary. We also recommend that we leave at different times and in small groups because that many T's at one time hitting the roads will tie up traffic. please it's fun to travel in small groups!

That's about all I have for today, if any changes develop, and if the past has proven no doubt there will be some, we shall endeavor to keep you informed. We ask that you read you Triptiks each night for the following day's run to have a good historical feeling for what you will be experiencing and to derive more pleasure and meaning out of the month's trek. We wish you all a safe trip. Morris and I have enjoyed keeping you abreast of the developments and plans and look forward to being with you all for 30 days of the rerun during which many new and fast friendships will be formed as well as many fond memories of the Model T trip of a life time!

I am sorry I am going to miss the banquet and first day Morris is going to trailer my car to the fist stop where I will meet you all. My Grand Daughter is getting married on the 15th so for my family I had better be there!. God Bless safe travels.

Jon W. Griesenbeck                                           Morris Dillow

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