Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Here is the Final List for the O2O Rerun 2019. anyone else now will be put on a waiting list

Adamson     x Pearl & V. Cassell
Alteri Janite & Vince
Ammarell Debbie & Scott
Barnard Montana
Bates Douglas Linda
Boyd Steve
Bumgarner Dianne & Steve
Cameron Alice & Morris
Cameron Sheri & Mark
Davidson Polly & Jim
Denio Dominic J.
Dillow Carla & Morris
Dowell Kelly & Brian
Ebbert Kathleen & Gary
Fishback Ron
Foresster Valerie & Gary
Fowler Dori & Barry
Gember Paula & Mark
Glendinning Kathy & Jim
Griesenbeck Jon
Hansen Matt
Hansson Sven-Olov
Hauge Andy
Hauge Douglas
Hauge Johnathan
Hauge Erika Thompson & Ryan
Hodges Rose
Hovanec Robbie & Michelle
Hylton Carol & Gary
Johnson Tim
Kelly Joan & Tim
Kemp Ralph
Kennedy Ken, Gary & Scott
Kirmse Bonnie & Jack
Koll Marsha & Gordon
Lilleker Ross
Krull Marge & Don
Lingle John
MacAlister Peter
Marek   Dan and Angie
McGuire Meredith & Billy
McWilliams John
McWillian Scott
Mortensen Betty & Warren
Neubert Simon
Prus Ginny & Kevin
Revaz Barbara & Willard
Riches Christine & Larry
Roberts Jerry and Jodie
Roorda Rosemary & Milt
Ross Steve
Shaw Jackie & Danny
Strickland Kathryn Johnson & John
Treace Dan
Wells Carolyn & Duane

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It will actually be the whole Lilleker Family. Ross, Jennifer, Vivien and Courtney.

Great News - Larry the Limey! ( PS Will bring |PG Tips and Ginger Nuts!)

Actually Matt and Maggie Hansen also!


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