Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Here is the Final List for the O2O Rerun 2019. anyone else now will be put on a waiting list

Adamson     x Pearl & V. Cassell
Alteri Janite & Vince
Ammarell Debbie & Scott
Barnard Montana
Bates Douglas Linda
Boyd Steve
Bumgarner Dianne & Steve
Cameron Alice & Morris
Cameron Sheri & Mark
Davidson Polly & Jim
Denio Dominic J.
Dillow Carla & Morris
Dowell Kelly & Brian
Ebbert Kathleen & Gary
Fishback Ron
Foresster Valerie & Gary
Fowler Dori & Barry
Gember Paula & Mark
Glendinning Kathy & Jim
Griesenbeck Jon
Hansen Matt
Hansson Sven-Olov
Hauge Andy
Hauge Douglas
Hauge Johnathan
Hauge Erika Thompson & Ryan
Hodges Rose
Hovanec Robbie & Michelle
Hylton Carol & Gary
Johnson Tim
Kelly Joan & Tim
Kemp Ralph
Kennedy Ken, Gary & Scott
Kirmse Bonnie & Jack
Koll Marsha & Gordon
Lilleker Ross
Krull Marge & Don
Lingle John
MacAlister Peter
Marek   Dan and Angie
McGuire Meredith & Billy
McWilliams John
McWillian Scott
Mortensen Betty & Warren
Neubert Simon
Prus Ginny & Kevin
Revaz Barbara & Willard
Riches Christine & Larry
Roberts Jerry and Jodie
Roorda Rosemary & Milt
Ross Steve
Shaw Jackie & Danny
Strickland Kathryn Johnson & John
Treace Dan
Wells Carolyn & Duane

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It will actually be the whole Lilleker Family. Ross, Jennifer, Vivien and Courtney.

Great News - Larry the Limey! ( PS Will bring |PG Tips and Ginger Nuts!)

Actually Matt and Maggie Hansen also!


Add me to the list of vehicles to ship back

will need to go to NH

Carl Goodman

Also when you get a chance I would like to appear on

the final list as a participant 

Please remove us from the list as we will not be attending.

Cassel and Pearl


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