Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

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At this point, I do not have any passengers from NYC to Detroit. If someone is in need of a ride, look me up and maybe you can ride along with me for some or all of it in my '14 touring. It would be especially good if the rider can read a map. I am good during and after Detroit. Steve Boyd (64 year-old retired chemist and I won't talk your ear off).
Do you yet have a partner to Detriot. I may! be able to get you a partner...I'm with Team Limey now have 3 of the English cars at my house on long Island....gary Foerster
Our taxi picking Dianne and myself up at the White Plains Airport on Friday. Dom Denio in his 1919 was our driver to the hotel.

The Mac's T ready to go in New York City. Great day driving through the city and parked across from Battery Park. Traffic was not bad at all. Went across the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey. Geat day in a T. Long day on Monday.

Steve Bumgarner
Hello out there- I have been blundering about the site trying to upload a few (14, I think) photos I took at the finish at the UW. Didn't get alot of photos, but a few pretty good ones while everybody was driving up in front of the fountain for another photographer. Since I don't know who anyone is, I'm hoping people will identify the "suspects" for me- I'd be glad to send off prints to anyone who gives me their address! I'm going to keep trying to upload, but we have dial-up internet connection & everything moves sooooo slowly. Maybe someone in the Seattle area would meet me & could clue me in on the "models". My regular e-mail is Barblowe5@aol.com Hope to hear from anyone!
Dear Barb,
If you would be so kind as to send us the pictures you took, we would be happy to try to identify them. Please e-mail them to us at oldcarnut33@yahoo.com. Yours, Mary and Peter Bernhardt


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