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The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

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Thanks to Jon, we have seven members within the past 24 hours and 14 additional ones that have been invited to join the site.
Greetings! My name is Chuck Brant and along with my father, Ed Brant, drove a 21 Centerdoor from NY to Seattle in 1984. This year we're ( my father is now 88) going to drive an unrestored 1915 touring. My wife is going to follow us in a motorhome and trailer so we're going to be pretty much self sufficient. In 1984 we were one of the few who had a trailer with us and we kept busy hauling many other Ts for various reasons. Our T (all stock) made the trip with only a flat tire. I'm looking forward to meeting those of you who I don't know already.
Hi I am Larry "the Limey" Riches one of the Uk entrants, I am looking for a place to store my Model T in or near seattle after we arrive, I want to leave it about 10 months and then drive back to the east coast, I know what you are all saying "mad dogs and englishmen", but any help on this appreciated The Limey
larry, doug hauge here, from upstate new york USA. i have a cousin in seattle and will contact him and ask him to look for a place to store your T. i will let you know what i find out. talk to you soon.
Jon - Another question about this site: I have several friends who are interested in following some sort of description of the tour and events during the tour as they unfold - maybe on something resembling a daily basis. It seems to me I remember hearing that there would be ongoing descriptions on this site during the tour - but I have learned that, at my age, I can no longer trust my rememory. Is this indeed the case? I would like to put a comment in my local club (T Totalers) newsletter column telling our 230+ members how they can follow the events. I know this would be a real treat for some. Is this site the place or is there another source planned for the tour? Thanks in advance. Steve Boyd
You can have anyone visit the site. With the way this webb site is set up each person has their own webb site within it. People will be entering blogs and photos as we cross and anyone can see all of it or just follow one person. They just can't interact. We want everyone to go to the site and follow us. People need something to look forward to each day that isn't political you know what. Jon
Jon - Thank you! I will plan on making my own entries and encourage our club members to read everyone's. Steve
Does anyone know where we can find a rebuilt short block? We have found a crack in the Wertz engine and need help fast.


Mark Cameron
Jon, Billy, someone - I can not find the note and can not trust my memory at my greatly advanced age, but I recently received a document stating something like - "check in for the tour would be during a two hour period on the afternoon of 6/13". Some of us "flat-landers", to borrow a Li'l Abner phrase, do not get to, or have never been to NYC and would really, really, really like to take a one day bus tour of the sights on that Saturday. Can we make some arrangements for a check-in period Saturday evening? Can we arrange for me to check in the other four cars of the T Totalers party along with myself during that Saturday afternoon period? Thanks in advance for your attention to my question. Steve Boyd
Peter and Mary informed me that the only time check in for the tour would be from 2:00 till 5:00 pm. That will be the only time. Banquet starts I beleive at 6:30 there is no extra time. We leave around 800am the next morning. Sorry for the inconvience but time doesn't permit. I would recommend coming a day early to site see. Take the gray line around the city or boat tour circle line cruise. thanks, jon
Jon - That sure makes sense to me. Coming a day earlier at this point requires large increases in airfare. Can I check in four cars in addition to myself so the others can tour? Steve Boyd
Steve why don't you call Peter and Mary and talk to them. They may have a better answer since they will be handeling check in. I would like you also to have an oppertunity to see New York. If you don't have there phone number email me at joneuro@att.net. I don't want to broadcast it here. Thanks Jon.


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