Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

This is an out of pocket expense to all that participate;

Friday June 21     Meeting at Dearborn Double Tree                                        hand out booklets and get admission tickets

Friday June 21      Full day at Greenfield Village; parking in village

                              tour of garage, oil change service bring your

                              own oil, food on your own.  We will be going to

                              The Henry Ford Estate (Henry and Clara's

                               home)  It is closed for renovations but we are

                               going to be able to drive each T up to the

                               front for a photo opportunity.*

Saturday June 22    Drive-by tours- Bagley Avenue, St Paul's

                                 Cathedral, 140 Edison,  Boston-Edison

                                 District, Highland Park Plant, Henry Ford

                                 Hospital,  Ford Cemetery Visitation

Saturday  June 22    Visit to Ford Piquette Avenue Plant &

                                  Box Lunch **

Saturday  June 22    Dinner at Ford's Garage***

Complete package is $65.00 per person.  The number of people and payment in cash or check must be made at the banquet in New York  (there will be no exceptions and its only for both days)

Many thanks to Steve Shotwell for setting this up for us.

*  This is only for Greenfield, you may purchase tickets for the Museum or Rouge Tours on your own. 

**Box lunch and beverage to be served at Piquette

**Cost covers buffet "Burger Bar Plus" dinner at Ford's garage Restaurant in Dearborn. Vegetarian alternative available upon request.  Price includes nonalcoholic beverages, tax and gratuities

Visit Ocean to Ocean in a T at: http://oceantoocean.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


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