Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

hello O2O model Ters!

      It was so much fun to see so many at Hershey in October. We had a great dinner at Stapley's flea market site. Thanks to the Stapley's, Rose and Barbara, and anyone else that helped to make the evening very enjoyable. The conversations were many and story telling was at an all time high.It was a fun time for all of us. It is amazing what the model T has done to this world, creating small model T families like us.  

     On a personal note, Thank you everyone for the kind words of sympathy to me and our family in the passing of my dear brother Scott. He is in heaven driving a model T that never breaks and having a good time with all of our other T friends that have gone before us.

     The discussion and voting for the 7th O2O reunion tour was held after our dinner at Hershey. the plan set in stone is:

Member Doug Hauge will be handling the details of the tour not limited but to include:

planning, mapping, and printing the tour route

finding a venue for a dinner after the tour

keeping a head count of the number of members planning to attend

and anything else that the members would like me to do for the tour.

Details for the tour are as follows:

The tour will be on Saturday, July 23, 2015

This is the day after the MTFCI tour ends. Be sure to add an extra day or 2 on your hotel stay.

The tour will be approximately 100 miles and will not be a repeat of any of the MTFCI tour routes.

Attention campers!!  The Finger Lakes Mall located within 1 mile of the host hotel for the MTFCI tour has given permission to park trailers and tow vehicles in their parking lot. This is also to include ANY MODLE T MEMBERS THAT WANT TO DRY CAMP ARE WELCOME TO STAY IN THE PARKING LOT ALL WEEK AT NO CHARGE!! our favorite model T price! I will be stationed there all week.

So for now, that's the story. please contact me by e mail or phone or on this site of your plans of attending. I don't need to start a head count until after the first of the year. I just wanted to get this information out there. I am sure there are details I have not mentioned or completely forgotten, so please do send tour ideas and thought to me whenever you want.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be at the Turkey Rod Run at the Daytona speedway during thanksgiving 2015. Maybe see someone I know there.

Have a glorious Christmas and remember the reason for the season, "Happy Birthday Jesus"  

my Florida address is;

235 Santa Anna St

Port St Joe, Fl. 32456



your Ting friend, Doug


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Hi Doug,
After your reminder at the Winter Tour, I finally got around to reading this post about our 2016 O-2-O Renion Tour. Please count me and Barbara IN! We look forward to an extra day of touring, especially with our fellow O-2-O friends. I will remind Bob and Kevin and Jon personally and have them sign up. Thanks for your efforts. See you soon in NY.
Will & Barbara Revaz.

P.S. Hugs to Ruckstell from Barbara


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