Ocean to Ocean in a T

The Centennial of the 1909 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Contest

Is there an itinerary for the 2017 trip yet?  Or maybe one form the 2009 trip?  We are signed up to go in 2017 and I am just trying to get an idea of where we are going.  lol :)



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I meant 2019.

You mean 2019 No it will be a while a lot of the hotels have changed if you want to get an idea look at my book which is list here on the forum.

As Jon said there are hotel changes which lead to some route changes, You will receive the actual trip book at the opening banquet on June 15th 2019 in NY.This way if there are last minute route changes due to construction or acts of God we can make all of the adjustments together.

Thanks Morris

Take a Look at Jon's book, this will give you more than a general idea of where we are going,


Thanks!  I will read the book.  I am just trying to get a general idea of where we will visit so that I can organize some lesson plans for the girls on history of the area, US and natural history in general, geography, etc.  Then hopefully we can cover some interesting things and learn along the way.  I am sure his book will help!


Jennifer the trip book will be filled with history about the 1909 race.  We will see where cars met and where they stayed.  Peter did an awesome job in 2009 of give us a hugh about of history and what went on in 1909.  Because of changes in the hotel that were needed to be made the towns will change some but if you follow the book and list the towns and states you will get a very good idea of whats around.  Any questions feel free to call me 540-397-2272 is my cell


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